26 October 2018

Women’s Stand Up Writers’ Circle

We are pleased to invite women stand-up comedians of all experience levels to join our Women’s Stand-up Comedy
Writers’ Circle.

Good Wolf People’s artist-in-residence, Arielle Siler, is looking for women stand-up comedians to participate in a stand-up comedy writers’ circle. From beginners’ open mic to experienced performers, this writers’ circle serves to push the boundaries of comedy by taking creative risks in an environment that welcomes all the diverse and intersecting experiences of being a woman in the male-dominated world of stand-up comedy. Each session consists of table work where we discuss our new material, share learning experiences from recent performances,  and then get on our feet to perform for each other using performance lighting that simulates the gigging experience. Arielle seeks to take stand-up comedy to new heights through increased representation in the field of stand-up comedy and innovate the form by taking creative risks in a supportive environment.

Hope to see you there!

Interested? Contact Arielle at ariellesiler@gmail.com
Location: The Fly Pit at Stanley Halls 12 S Norwood Hill, London SE25 6AB
Time: TBC based on participant and space availability
Accessibility: If you have physical access needs please contact Arielle at ariellesiler@gmail.com

Burton Perez Photography

Arielle Siler is a Goldsmiths, University of London alum with an MA in Applied Theatre. She is also a Los Angeles-based actress who is researching the power of stand-up comedy to teach critical thinking. With the loving support of Good Wolf People, she is
using stand-up comedy performance to develop this innovative practice.

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