Partners and Clients


We are a not for profit organisation, this means that although we need to recoup the full costs of a project or piece of work, we have no pressure to be making a bundle of cash, which means we can bring you fair prices. Where we do make profits this will be invested into projects that are hard to fund, such as access opportunities for groups that find the arts hard to reach. Because our work is bespoke, we price the cost of a project case by case. If you have specific budget restrictions let us know at the start so we can provide you with a realistic proposal.

Want to work with us but would need to secure additional funding? It might be the case that we can work collaboratively to access funding to make a project happen, so don’t let that be a barrier, we are happy to talk about what we could do. If we can’t help we will be honest about this early on and try and be as helpful as possible.