18 March 2024

The 100 Year Old Letter – A new show!

We are over the moon to tell you we are working on a new show ‘The 100 Year Old Letter’

This piece has been made by a brilliant collaboration between Good Wolf and local community participants from The Phoenix Players. This is the same group that devised and performed Out of Context, A Christmas Karen, Tales of a Teapot, and The Ashes. The group explore local and personal stories and develop them collectively into heartfelt, moving pieces of uplifting theatre.

There are currently two ways to see the show which opening in July 2024! We are opening at The Bridge House Theatre in Penge for a 2 week run and after a short break you can catch the show in Edinburgh for a week in August. Check out our website for more information and to book!


Around the time that this lovely group were coming back together to start work on a new piece, one of the group came and said the magic words ‘Have you heard about this story…’ A local resident had recently recieved a letter, but addressed to a person that had lived in that house 100 years ago. The story made the news and captured our imaginations instantly.


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