09 November 2020

2020 The Story So Far

We just wanted to write a bit about what we’ve been up to, lockdown has been a roller coaster for us as individuals and as an organisation, and things like updating our socials and website have fallen by the way a bit! That been said, we are trying to rectify this and get back up to date.

As lockdown descended we wanted to make sure that the projects we were delivering regularly had an online space to take place, we like many others acquainted ourselves with Zoom and figured out the best way to go about delivering some online sessions.


Tea Break

This was our devising project with members of The Phoenix Players. Weeks of online workshops, companionship and writing workshops led to members of the group writing an audio mini-series all centred around a very special teapot. You can listen to ‘Tales of a Teapot’ here.


A Christmas Karen

The autumn/winter devising project for The Phoenix Players. The group opted to repeat our Lockdown model of online workshop sessions which allow people to choose how involved they wish to be. Some people take part in the drama workshops, some just focus on writing, and some have also asked to join in at the end of the project to help with performance! A Christmas Karen will be performed online Thursday 10th December, we will update you with the details closer to the date.


Lion Heart

Twice a week during the national lockdown (Thanks to the Croydon Council Cultural Relief Fund), and now once a week. Lion Heart gathers together 7-13 year olds in Croydon with a love for drama games, improvising, fun and creativity. Doing the group on zoom has worked surprisingly well and has led to lots of great activities and creating from our group! This group is open to new members so if you know someone who might enjoy this group then get in touch kelly.ng@goodwolfpeople.co.uk

We are excited to explore how we can develop our online sessions and reach more young people by collaborating with Stanley Halls on their ‘Connecting Communities Online for Mental Health’ Lottery funded project.


We will post some more updates as and when we can! x

The Wolves x

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