Drama is an incredible way of working with groups to unpick and explore issues and experiences.

Hearing the voices of individuals and groups expressed in this way provides a powerful insight to people looking to drive positive change, whether that’s in a community, a public service or business.

And sometimes drama is just plain fun.

We will actively look for opportunities to put on theatre, exhibitions, create films and work with other creative groups to make Arts easier to access for those who want to take part but experience barriers.

We can facilitate the creation of films and theatre that allow your organisation to explore issues, reflect experiences, tell stories and provide a resource for the future. You might have guessed by now that we believe in involving people as much as possible in the processes and projects which affect them so our approach is always to find the opportunities to collaborate, this could mean getting people involved in services volunteering on the development of the project, or even performing if that’s in the best interests all round.

Workshop with actors on our Verbatim script “Rough Choices”

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