The 100 Year Old Letter

“A letter has finally been delivered to its destination – more than a century after it was written…”

In 1916 Christabel Mennell writes a letter of apology to Katie Marsh. It’s finally delivered in 2021 and, when handed to the press in 2023, it becomes a global news sensation.

Travelling from Bath to London via two world wars and two pandemics the unreceived letter of apology sparked people’s imaginations and opened up a fascinating local mystery:

What was the apology for?

Who were the two women?

What was their connection to Crystal Palace and Croydon?

And what became of them in the intervening century?

Inspired by the letter, research by the Norwood Society and their own deep dive into history, Good Wolf peel back the layers of time to reveal a story – both funny and moving – of war, faith, friendship and porridge oats.



The Bridge House Theatre, Penge

9th – 20th July (19:45pm)

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Greenside George St (Ivy Studio)

2nd to 10th August inclusive (13:55)

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