Good Wolf People


Kelly Ng

As a small company, I tend to be involved in everything whether that's sourcing props for a show, applying for funding or delivering workshops. However I tend to focus more on the projects where we are working with people in workshop settings or on projects which use drama to develop skills, explore and learn from experiences. My working background is in youth and community settings, most recently I was a youth worker and manager for YMCA in Hertfordshire, running centres and projects. I love it when you see people having a great personal experience when they use drama, its also great to see people feeling challenged by using a new medium, but giving it a go and learning something from it. I live in South Norwood and when I am not doing Good Wolf stuff I am a foster parent, a dog mum, a Crossfit (and cake) enthusiast! 

John Handscombe
I took a long journey to reach the world of Social Enterprise. From pig farm to youth theatre to television drama via sandwiches, slippers and switchboards until I found myself as a team administrator for social services. It was then I became interested in working directly with young people and took on a second job at a family centre and then a third working for the Youth Offending Team. Three jobs were handy to help pay for the fourth: the creation of a brand new social enterprise in Bedfordshire. There I got to use my drama background to work with people who were labelled as disadvantaged, but were mostly just disempowered. We worked in partnership with these people to create ways for their voices to be heard by people who made decisions about their lives. Along the way we provided training, volunteering and work opportunities for them that would have otherwise been unavailable. Then in 2010 came austerity and a world where no-one had money to pay for “soft” outcomes. However life-changing they might be. What followed for me was 6 years of knowing what it felt like to be disempowered. To remain unheard. To disappear. So Good Wolf for me is much more than a way to help people, to be creative, to empower people, to be part of an inclusive and cohesive community. It’s a way for me to exist in the world again. Bring it on.
Jo Vyvyan
I am the admin side of Good Wolf! I previously worked with John and Kelly in Bedfordshire and didn't hesitate when they offered me the chance to join them in their new venture! Working at Good Wolf is a reassuring reminder that not everyone in this world is "in it for themselves". I enjoy working with people who are genuinely trying to improve people's lives and make a difference. Knowing that I’ve been part of giving someone a voice, or enabling them to have the opportunity to try new things is very rewarding. In my experience, working for social enterprises and charities makes for a more laid back working environment. That being said, if things aren’t been done, I’m the one who gets the big stick out and makes it happen! Asides from being a wolf, my husband and I have two lovely daughters. I enjoy going to gigs and of course meeting my fellow Good Wolves for cake while we figure out all things admin!