Engagement and Consultation


Sometimes organisations are told they have to consult with a group of people to find out what they think about an idea, project or development.

Sometimes the consultation will be seen as a bit of a burden, some extra work that has to  be done. So it becomes a multiple choice tick box exercise. Quick and relatively cheap. But we believe there are better ways…


Peer Consultation

We’ll work with a group of people using your organisation and train them in the skills to deliver meaningful consultation activities.

Peer consultants are better able to relate to the experiences and lives of those they’re working with and with a bit of Good Wolf support they can draw out high quality feedback from a point of empathy and trust.


Consultation doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun, meaningful and develop the interpersonal skills of everyone involved.

Consultation can also be collaborative. We can facilitate sessions between groups of people such as managers and staff teams, providers and customers, social workers and young people; engaging and consulting with both groups and building a mutual understanding of each other’s perspectives and opinions.

Verbatim Performance

Verbatim Theatre does exactly what it says on the tin.

We conduct interviews with people relevant to your consultation and turn their exact words into a scripted performance for those who need to hear what was said.

Verbatim performances tell people’s stories honestly and clearly flag up recurrent themes and opportunities for debate and learning. They also make a direct emotional connection between people receiving services and those in charge of delivering them, acting as a powerful catalyst for change.