19 March 2019

National Lottery Community Fund Award!

Good Wolf are Delighted to announce that we have been awarded funding from The National Lottery Community Fund!

The £10,000 funding will enable Good Wolf to continue our partnership project with Croydon Council’s Youth Engagement Team, delivering a weekly drama project to young people living in temporary accommodation over the coming year. We hope that through this project young people will have space to play, create and inspire each other!


There are 2258 young people living in temporary accommodation in Croydon, they are living in situations where accessing leisure and creative activities can be difficult. This project all started when Good Wolf worked with the Croydon Council’s Youth Engagement Team to host a free performance of one of our children’s shows for the young people and families living in local temporary accommodation. It was such a positive and uplifting experience that we felt it was important to try and provide more arts opportunities to this group.  Good Wolf was able to pilot some drama sessions following the award of a Croydon Community Grant last year alongside further support and partnership working with Croydon Councils Youth Engagement Team. The new award from The National Lottery Community Fund will enable us to continue and grow this exciting project.


“We are so thankful to The National Lottery Community Fund, Croydon Community Grants and the Youth Engagement Team for supporting this important project. It is important that young people will help shape what happens each week and how they want to share their creativity with others. We want to share with this group the diversity of people and practice within the performing arts sector and so sessions will be very varied and include all sorts of things like performing magic and acting for screen workshops!  We will also be looking for performers and creators living and working in the area who have experience of working with young people and workshops that would be interested in sharing their skills and passion for arts with this group.” -Kelly Ng, Good Wolf


About Temporary/Emergency Accommodation in Croydon

“In Croydon there are four very large converted office and hotel complexes that make up these emergency accommodations.  As of October 2018 there were 1045 households living in these that had dependent children. The buildings do not have a social area or outside space for children to play and families are housed in fairly small rooms, with siblings and parents all sharing the space.  Children living in these accommodations experience a high degree of instability as the maximum stay in one block is supposed to be around 18 months (but can be as long as three years). There are a variety of reasons why children and families are housed in these blocks, ranging from financial instability and homelessness, arriving newly into the country seeking asylum, family breakdown and domestic abuse.

The work that the Youth Engagement Team and Good Wolf  are doing with such vulnerable young people is incredibly valuable.  The children and young people living in such challenging and unsettling circumstances are some of the most vulnerable residents in Croydon and desperately need the sorts of outlets for self-expression that Good Wolf provide.” – Karen Morgan, Youth Engagement Team

If you would like to know more, or talk to us about the project get in touch by email: kelly.ng@goodwolfpeople.co.uk

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