20 May 2019

Arts Opportunity for Care Experienced Young People!

Good Wolf are creating a play about how young people that are living in care, or are care experienced are represented in the world

That includes things like how they are represented on the TV, news, movies and in communities.

We believe that young people are not always represented in a way that helps those living in care see a variety of real role models around them. We know that often the coverage in the news and in media is linked to the negative outcomes for young people living in care. It is also the case that with a lack of representation there is a lack of empathy and understanding around what growing up in care can be like, and what life is like after leaving care.

We want to explore what impact these representations have on young people in care, and how this effects peoples impressions and assumptions.

We are looking for young people in Croydon who would like to take part in a group workshop, or to be interviewed to contribute to the play we are creating. This is an opportunity to have your words, feelings and opinions represented in a play that will be performed at the Edinburgh festival and to audiences in Croydon. We hope that this play will start conversations about how young people are represented, develop audiences empathy and understanding and provide an exciting opportunity for young people in Croydon to be involved in shaping and creating this theatre project.


If you want to be involved, or know someone who would like to be involved please contact kelly.ng@goodwolfpeople.co.uk or get in touch on twitter / facebook or Instagram: Goodwolfpeople


This project has been made possible thanks to the support of Croydon Councils Youth Arts Fund and FAB Croydon – Thank you!


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