06 September 2017

Winter Is Coming…

I know. It’s still summer – what am I talking about?! And yet here we are, planning for December…

It’s been a lonely few weeks in the Wolf Cave. Kelly Wolf has been on holiday, and now she’s on a course, and Ian Wolf broke his foot and has been laid up with a bowl of grapes. So it’s mostly just been me and the Wolfie Wolves chucking ideas around and eating cake at Coffee Craft.

Having said that, we’ve been remarkably productive. Suddenly there’re lots of exciting new projects on the horizon. It’s surprising what you can achieve with a slice of lemon drizzle and a cuddly toy.

As usual a lot of it is still unconfirmed and just floating around in the realm of the “possible”, so it’s too soon to tell you about. But what we can tell you is that Captain Fantastic and the Wonder Crew are coming back to Stanley Halls! And this time Captain Fantastic Saves Winter!!

I don’t know how yet, because we haven’t written it, but I’m pretty sure he will. After all, it wouldn’t be very Good Wolfy to put on a show for 3 to 9 year olds in which the hero fails and everyone is condemned to an eternity of misery.

Although (going off at a slight tangent), we do have a children’s book in the office about a good wolf who ends up getting eaten by a bad wolf. I keep checking to see if the final pages are stuck together and that there is, in fact, a happy ending that we’ve missed.

But, no. It’s just reeeeeeally bleak.

Anyway, back to winter…

From 21st to 23rd December The Captain and his pals will be chasing adventure in South Norwood again. So today I am off to meet with co-writer, Lizzie Thomas, to plot and plan and come up with a story breakdown. It’s that scary and exciting moment right now when absolutely anything is possible, but after tomorrow (if all goes well!) we reach the less-scary, but equally exciting place where the story we decide on starts to drive design, marketing, casting, rehearsal… 

Keep your eye on the blog in coming weeks. This show is a perfect example of our aims to bring quality theatre to children and families at affordable prices and to create a sustainable theatre company (against all the odds). It’s a journey we’d like to share with you – and we’d love it if those of you working in similar fields shared yours with us too. So do use the comments box below – it’ll make a nice change from badly spelled spam!

Until next week, when Kelly Wolf will hopefully tell you all about the training she’s on,

Love and hugs,

Johnny & The Wolf Pack

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