18 October 2017

Liminal Place

Adjective: liminal

[ li-mu-n(u)l]


  1. At a threshold or transitional stage

  2. Of a stimulus just strong enough to be consciously experienced


So after six months of being a wolf I think it time I said hello. And what an incredible six months it’s been.  I am working with three truly wonderful people who are guiding me through this whole new industry. I’ve been down the wormhole that is the commercial property market, learnt of theatre forms I didn’t know even existed, organised childrens events, met people who truly want to do good within their community without gain, had dinner with the mayor and I’ve even curbed my swearing…..but not my humour. What a huge change not just for me but all the wolves. But life is all about change, just like time, you can’t stop it. You can dislike it even ignore it but its far easier to accept and embrace it. Once you accept a change is happening or is about to happen  the tendency can be to say “ Right I’m here and I’m going there “ and then you wait to arrive. But there’s always something inbetween here and there. Hello liminality I’m so glad to have met you. In laymans terms it’s the place you are when change is happening. The day of your 18th birthday growing from young person to adult. On an aeroplane travelling from one place to another and thinking you are nowhere. Standing under a door frame going from one room to another and in neither. I’ve always known life is all about change but since John introduced me the liminal word its made the changing process much more understandable.

I rather selfishly thought that this liminal place was all mine. New job, living in Manchester working in London, having to learn a whole new way of looking at situations. But if you put a new wolf in the pack then the pack will change. Good Wolf have some tremendous projects on the way which will mean huge growth for the company.And I don’t know of any other people I’d want to do this with. So thank you John, Kelly and Jo for helping a middle aged man go through the change.

Ian Wolf

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