08 December 2016

Mentors and Mailing Lists

Winter Mentoring Fair

Good Wolf attended an excellent winter mentoring fair with Omnibus and Improbable this week, which provided us with lots of useful advice and ideas! There was a bit of speed dating style sessions with the Mentors from Improbable, Upswing, Tamasha, Martha Rose Wilson and Tom Parkinson which gave us the chance to ask away and learn. It felt worth being there just to hear about these people and their companies but of course there were useful take away ideas as well!

Everyone spoke about partnerships and collaboration as a great way to build network, recognition and to support others. Partnerships don’t always need to be about ‘now’ either, it might be that a connection made and maintained now might be ‘right’ a bit further down the line. Good Wolf has been a big believer in great partnerships from day 1 but one of the things we hadn’t necessarily thought about was how we might benefit from identifying mentors for us! Feeding your Good Wolf means bringing positive and challenging people into your life and so we will be giving some thought to a mentoring wish list!

On a totally different end of the advice spectrum was something more practical! Mailing Lists! It’s not something we had necessarily thought we would need right now as we are still building and developing new projects but actually its right to say that we should be building up our lists of Good Wolves now so that when we have something to tell you about, invite you to or share we are ready to go! So next time you are on the website you will be invited to SUBSCRIBE! We are using Mail Chimp which is a new software adventure for us. We didn’t anticipate all the new technology skills we would develop when we started GW!

Some other great things we learned!

Improbable run a range of events all year under the banner ‘Devoted & Disgruntled‘ 

“The Devoted and Disgruntled events and the community that has developed around them involve people taking responsibility for making better theatre and making theatre better. D&D has become a way to engage with the stuff in the wider theatre world I only knew how to complain about before.”

Tamasha Artist Development

“Tamasha is Britain’s foremost touring theatre company producing new plays inspired by the diversity of our globalised world. Our work places the voices of emerging and established artists from culturally diverse backgrounds centre-stage.”

Their artist development programme and scratch nights sound amazing particularly for aspiring writers!


Thanks to Omnibus and Improbable and all the lovely mentors

Kelly Wolf x 

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