11 January 2017

Feeding Your Good Wolf #2

This is about feeding the good wolf within. This is reflecting on what triggers are likely to bring out the bad wolf in you. My bad wolf is lazy, unfairly critical and can be a bit ‘I can’t’, my bad wolf avoids important things and pretends it will get done later. I think that good energy levels and a spring in my step are the things I need, to be what I consider to be my normal good wolf optimistic and cheerful self.

In search of energy this year I am trying to create better health habits. I’m not an especially unhealthy person, but year one of being married and my husband and I have both fallen into some of the traps of happy times: big portions, treats, mid-week drinks and ‘no time’ for exercise! Now, I’m not into self-hate or negative body talk (much) so my motivation isn’t about visuals, although it will be handy to fit into much of my wardrobe once more! Where I want to be is in a place where I have all the energy to get up in the morning without requiring 2 hours to revive myself with tea and the incremental introduction of sunlight.

This doesn’t mean crazy diets and hard core fitness regimes, but it does mean balance! Which is hard when the cafe Coffee Craft lives under your office and is so very inviting. But their banana bread is pretty good for you… that’s what they said anyway, and it does make me happy so it is good for me in many ways!

As an aside, we were in Croydon today before an interview and the cafe we met in had this picture on the wall.

We think that the implication of this is that Good Wolf has many parties, and not many meetings! So, if we start inviting you to parties all the time you know what we mean (and that there will be cake!). We are always looking for people to share and explore ideas with so if you want to have a party with Good Wolf, let us know!

Kelly Wolf


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