24 May 2017

Education should be free for Everyone – Guest Blog by Emily!

Over the last two weeks we have had Emily (15) with us completing her work experience placement. According to Emily she has had a pretty “different” and thankfully “good” placement with us, including researching children’s jokes, building a stage, fixing my chair, reorganising the office and attending networking and evaluation meetings. We also asked Emily to write a blog for us, to write about whatever she wanted, learn how to input it onto our WordPress and create a blog image using Canva and this is what happened!


Education is one of the most important things in someone life. No matter your background, ethnicity, gender you have the right to an education. Your family may not be able to send you to a private school which is where public schools come in, they offer a free education to anyone and everyone. why on earth would you want to take that away? Some families are struggling to send their children to public school because the uniforms are expensive, school lunches have increased in price and so have packed lunches, food is expensive but it is a necessity. Taking away the one thing parents do not have to pay for is unnecessary.

There are roughly 37,919 children living in your constituency (Croyden North) 35.9% of them are living in poverty (after housing costs) the national average is 30% and you still want to make parents pay for education? Some families can barely afford to live let alone send their children to school.

Not only do people want to take away free education but they want to split schools up by ability. why do you think schools have class sets? For that very reason. Grouping together children with similar needs/abilities. There are not enough schools as it is, where are we meant to build new schools? We do not have the money. Catchment areas would also create a problem, people will have to move to go to different schools depending on their child’s ability. What if your children have different abilities and the schools are far apart, most parents work full time and moving would disrupt their job. They would not have time to take their children to different schools.

If you take away free education the future workforce are likely to have less qualifications, last year 69.5% of pupils achieved GCSE’s at C and above and that is with free education. Taking that away will decrease this percentage. Jobs will not be completed to high standards and more people will be living off benefits and in poverty. That is the last thing this country needs. Free education is vital to keep this country going, everything is getting more expensive and education will pay the price, people will sacrifice their future (jobs etc.) to be able to survive. Education should be free to everyone. It is for the benefit not only of the people in need but the country too.


Thank you Emily for writing something that we really weren’t expecting (in a good way), we love that you took the opportunity to write about something that you care about and has clearly been on your mind! Thanks for been awesome over the last two weeks and challenging yourself!

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