26 October 2016

The Wolf Cave!

Good Wolf have now got a home! From early on in the Good Wolf journey we have been visiting Stanley Halls on a regular basis! At first it was just to enjoy the excellent cafe Coffee Craft  based here but we quickly realised that it wasn’t just the brownies that were a bit special.

Stanley Halls is an Arts venue in South Norwood, the venue has recently come under community management by The Stanley People’s Initiative, a charity established by the local community to re-open, manage, improve and restore Stanley Halls.

We immediately felt at home at these beautiful halls and so have hoped from the start that we could find a space here, which as of this week is a dream realised! For us an office was always going to be more than a desk space, and no it’s not just about the amazing cakes at Coffee Craft! What is really exciting about the halls is the range of wonderful organisations that are in residence here. Nomad photography, LAB collective, Coffee Craft and Stanley’s Film Club are just a few of organisations who are doing inspiring things! The potential of this place feels endless, with so many different spaces and a fantastic local community who will enjoy, contribute and benefit from this local gem. Hopefully Good Wolf will be collaborating with the Halls to contribute to some of the excellent creative output as well as having our office based here.

A new home is an excellent cause for a catch up with our Good Wolf friends and partners! Come and visit us at our new home! Get in touch we would love to see you. xx



Our Wolf Cave!


Beautiful Stanley Halls

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