Rough Choices

Rough Choices started as a project in Bedford 7 years ago when young homeless people said they wanted to see education around homelessness in schools.

Through Harpur Trust funding 40 homeless people in the town were interviewed and from that group potential trainers were recruited and trained, culminating in them developing and delivering lessons in school to break down the stigma and myths of homelessness, while providing practical information on where you could go for help if it happened to you.

An additional outcome of the project was the verbatim play, Rough Choices, which was lifted directly from the content of the interviews.

Good Wolf are planning to replicate the project in London and have exciting plans to take both the educational and theatrical elements to new levels. Get in touch if you are interested being involved in the project we are looking for project partners from education, arts and homelessness organisations.

As a first step in the process we were lucky enough to receive the support of brilliant actors and film-makers to capture some script-in-hand extracts of the original script and the results show what a powerful piece of work it was – and give you an idea of where we’ll be heading with the new version.

Thank you to the wonderful team who worked with us to create this video!
Actors: Nav Sidhu, Hannah Birkin, Sheila Atim, Gabby Wong and Kab Silva
Film: Red Egg films Joe Kaufman and Sally Grieg